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Young Match Officials

Hampshire Rugby Referees believes that the development of young talent is of critical importance to maintaining a vibrant sport into the future.  We wish to encourage young people to become Match Officials and provide a dedicated programme aimed at their development and progress to the adult game.  Our overriding aim is to develop the referee of the future, at all levels of the game.

We ask clubs to encourage anyone who wants to qualify, or is qualified, to officiate at as many games as possible at their clubs; HRR will support them and provide games of a higher standard wherever possible. We ask any young referee who is qualified to referee the 15-a-side game to sign up to the RFU YMO scheme.

The HRR training team, senior referees and Match Official Developers will provide development opportunities. We encourage all referees to self-evaluate their progress in order to aid development. YMOs will be guided in this process and will be welcome at all HRR training meetings. HRR will ensure that RFU safeguarding policy is adhered to at all times and that any developer or referees involved with YMOs have appropriate DBS checks. The YMO scheme will be run in accordance with RFU policy.



Any YMO Specific enquires, please direct to:


YMO Documents

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