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RFU’s Core Values Update: Backchat & Appealing

Following some feedback in pre-season, and last week’s fixtures we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of players appealing / questioning decisions and providing general backchat.

In the attached presentation, there are 3 clips from a game last weekend.

Clip 1 is of particular interest as you can see a player ‘waiving arms’ on 2 occasions during the first couple of minutes of the match.

We would encourage you to listen to the Referee communication in all 3 clips.

Referees have this week been reminded of our protocol with regards to core Game Values, you can expect to see a Zero Tolerance approach on this.

Please encourage players to avoid:

  • Waiving arms during live play – appealing

  • Calling for decisions ‘e.g. holding on’

  • Giving the referee backchat following a decision

 The Referees process will be simple:

  • 1st occasion, a player will be spoken to, this could be during ‘Live Play’ as in Clip 1

  • 2nd occasion – the captain will be warned’

  • 3rd occasion will see a team penalised

If the incident is serious enough, the player may be penalized on the first occasion.

You can read more on the RFU’s Core Values by clicking here.