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Tim Bailey


Tim has been refereeing since the early 1990s for both the Royal Navy and Hampshire. In his early career, he was considered very young at just under 30 – how things have changed.  Since that time he has been involved with rugby most Saturdays in the season apart from when he was deployed with the Navy, this has even included refereeing whilst on paternity leave while he was waiting for his daughter to arrive.  During that time he has been fortunate to have the support of his family throughout.  He made good progress through the grades rising to B2 / L6.  In 2004 he was selected to the National Panel as an assistant referee and has been ever present since mainly officiating at L3 &4.  He has held the Honorary Secretary position for the Royal Navy & Combined Services Rugby Referees and has been the HRR Secretary since 2012 until 2022 when he became Chair.  He is lucky that refereeing has taken him from officiating at Twickenham and to further afield in the USA, Australia, New  Zealand and Cyprus as well as officiating whilst away with the Royal Navy.