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Committee Update February 2019

Building on last month’s discussion on how HRR was performing with respect to our members.  This month we looked at committee roles and responsibilities.  This particularly centred around development of match officials and where responsibility fell for all aspects of development.  We found that this was quite wide ranging.  There is still work to do but at the end we will have a better knowledge of individual responsibilities.  The committee would like to thank Jeff Rees for his help in our understanding of this area.

HRR has been successful in recruitment of the past years however we should not rest.  An opportunity has been missed in not engaging fully with the RFU L2 courses in our area.  We will in future liaise with Hampshire RDO to try to get an HRR representative at every course, this will ensure that course participants understand what HRR is about and how they can benefit from membership.

Chris Blockley-Webb has been doing a sterling job with the YMO scheme but he cannot be everywhere.  We have got pockets of YMOs across the county at different clubs.  We are looking for volunteers around the clubs that can offer an few hours usually on a Sunday morning who can be a friendly face.  To be this “friendly face” you will have to be DBS checked which can be arranged easily.  Please contact me if you are interested and want to find out more or talk to us at the next training meeting.

Gareth Edwards will soon be seeking your opinion as to how clubs look after referees.  He will be sending out a link for a questionnaire on Survey Monkey.  Please take time to let us know your opinions.  There will be a trophy for the best club at the end of the season.

Those of you that were at the last training meeting will have seen that there is now a stock of feedback cards.  Over the years there has been a great deal of debate as to the validity of these cards and I am sure you all have an opinion.  It will not only give the Grading Committee more knowledge of individuals but also give the committee a view of general refereeing standards across the county.

HRFU secured a 20% discount on all travel with Wightlink for the rest of 2019, referees travelling to the IoW can take advantage of this discount.  Follow this link on the website under CLUBS tab then IOW TRAVEL – WIGHTLINK Subtab for full info…


It explains how to make your bookings and the discount.  The offer is valid until the end of 2019, it will be reviewed towards October/November time ready for 2020.   It is only to be used for Rugby fixture travel, any personal use may compromise the continuation of the discount prices for everyone.