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April Committee News

I am due an update with you all with so much going on, we had a virtual committee meeting last night so I thought now would be a good time.

Some news that you will have been expecting, the dinner has been cancelled and the AGM postponed. We are currently looking at options of holding the AGM virtually or waiting until we can all gather in person. We will decide on our approach next month when hopefully things will become a little clearer.

Now that rugby is at an end please can you submit your expenses to Richard Showan in the next 14 days, if submitted after this date they will not be paid. This will give us a full understanding of our financial position. I can assure you the Committee will be looking at what we can do for our clubs going forward into next season.

Neil Sweeney our webmaster has got some time on his hands and is keen in building up our online presence, our front door to many of our customers. One area that he needs your help is building up Our Referees section, please can you drop him an email with a few details and an photo. This will allow clubs to be able to recognise you and put a name to a face.

In order to fill that rugby fix those that are in our Facebook Group will have seen Adam Leal’s video clips that have created some excellent discussion. To follow this up we are looking at doing some online discussions with some clips, using one of the platforms that we are getting used to in these time (eg Zoom, Team etc). The sessions will be led and will attempt to remain interactive utilising the chat that comes alongside these platforms. Watch Facebook for further details and I will send out an email invite when we know the full details.

There are also some online resources available at the RFU, scroll to the bottom of the page for e-learning.

The RFU are also having Tuesday Training, although you have missed this week’s offering from Michael Patz, Tom Foley & Craig Maxwell-Keys on Refereeing the Tackle the session should be available later this week on the webpage.


Tim Bailey | Secretary