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Gareth Edwards

Appointments Secretary

Joined the society 9 years ago, when the first training session was on scrummaging, with the legend that is Brian Moore! First role was midweek fixtures about 5 years ago. Biggest challenge there is the fact that the organisers at schools, colleges and particularly universities change so regularly. 3 Seasons ago, due to the shortage of refs, I added the recruitment and retention role. We were almost too successful as the year after, when I took over the weekend appointments, we had too many refs.

Happy reffing any games that I can. My personal record was 84 games in one season, with 9 games in 10 days. This was a really good incentive to recruit more refs as the muscles ached for days.


To help the appointments process, please keep your availability up to date.


My aim is to try and get all available refs 1 game per weekend, where I can. The biggest problem is finding games that are suitably challenging to keep developing our refs.


Contact: Gareth.rugby@yahoo.co.uk